Hey, Gorgeous!

I'm Amy.

Designer, photographer & yogi.

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"never lose your sense of wonder"

I'm Amy

Creator & Yogi

I'm a creator for the wild and adventurous; the curious and the spontaneous; the imperfect and the deeply human.

I've been a lot of things in my life so far - I've been a gymnastics coach and a horse rider. I've been a maths tutor, engineering student and marketing manager.

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I've been a traveller in 25 different countries and I've been the only girl in a motocross race. I've slept in cars and caravans and tents and remote island huts. I've been dizzy with joy under starry skies and snowy peaks. Just writing this list makes me overwhelmed with gratitude.

I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm, where adventure and curiousity was a way of life. A sense of wonder and a desire to explore have stayed with me ever since.

but enough about me -


I've worked with.

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"Oh my god - they are gorgeous! It's stunning. It's like a work of art. I couldn't ask for better pictures and I like that it's very real. I love it so much, thank you so much"

- Julio, Bhava Yoga